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ATTENTION: Burdened bloggers, Internet marketers and home-based business operators seeking real income online:

“How To Finally Reach Permanent Security, Stash More Cash Than You Honestly Need, And 'Work' Only 2 Hours A Day...”

Dear Future Membership Site Owner,

Yaro Starak here and I'm excited to share with you the absolute best business model I've yet to see to create a Life Changing Income online.

If you've been struggling to break even with your online home-based business, or even if you're making 'okay money' using Internet marketing, affiliate programs, niche marketing or blogging, get ready for a MAJOR SHIFT in your beliefs!

Because I'm about to reveal to you the means I used to 'turbo-charge' my Internet earnings while giving me more freedom to live the lifestyle I want.

But first, let me share a quick personal story with you!

In 2008, This Labored Blogger Finally
Experienced The Ultimate Freedom
I'd Heard Existed But Never Tasted:

How I Took An 8-Month Trip Around
The World And Came Back
$150,000 Richer!

In 2008, I spent 8 months traveling the world, visiting 25 different cities all the way around the globe from my home in Brisbane, Australia to Hawaii, Canada, America, all around Europe, the Middle East, Singapore and then back home to Brisbane.

During that whole time I continued running my highly profitable membership sites!

A little wet after a close encounter with the falls

Here I am at Niagara Falls, soaking wet from a blast that made
me realize — clear as the water around me — I was really living the life
people dream about, all thanks to my Internet business

Because the content was already there it required very little time from me. With just my laptop, I was able to provide customer support, do the odd teleconference call and click into the forums, all from the various hotels or apartments I stayed in.

That means I was on it max. 1-2 hours a day (sometimes less), all the while still generating at least $150,000 (told you it was cool!)

You see, once you've done the initial work to get this system up and running, you can automate your sales and marketing systems so that you don't actually have to run around trying to get new members to keep it going.

And THAT is the whole point of this letter to you!

I'm About To Show You How To Have A Lifestyle,
Not Just A Life (Let Alone... 'Working Life', Yech!)

However, before you think this is all about me, let me back off a little...

But Let's Back Up A Little... Screech...

Just like you, I searched endlessly for ways to make money on the Internet.

I've been working online for a long time now — 10 years in fact, doing all kinds of things from running a magic game cards hobby site as a 'geeky teenager' in High School to operating an online proofreading business.

I must have tried them all: niche marketing, pay-per-click, affiliate marketing-in short, a whole stack of different ways to make money online but nothing really 'clicked' for me.

Until 2004 when I heard about blogging. Now, if you've seen me online already, you'll probably know me as a very successful blogger through

But It Wasn't Always Like That... (This Is Not Pretty)

My blog started out really as just a hobby. Don't get me wrong, I was serious about it and wrote loads and loads of content for it on a regular basis. In fact, I worked very hard on it without any real return on my investment of money and time.

As I continued writing content and getting a 'feel' for what it is to be a blogger, I noticed other bloggers were actually making money from their blogs. So for the next year or so I experimented with different methods to see how I too could turn my blog into an income generator.

I tried everything any normal online entrepreneur would try:

  1. The first thing I tried was Google's Adsense program. I put up some Adsense ads on my blog and made the grand total of ... drum roll please... about 50 cents a day! Not exactly 'volcanic', right?
  2. Next, I tried my hand at Affiliate Marketing. I wrote a review of someone else's ebook in the hopes that people would purchase it from my blog and I would get the commission. Well, after a few days, I did get a sale and was absolutely stoked to see that first, glorious $20.00 in my PayPal account.
  3. Then I tried selling advertising space. Basically, I got paid $50.00 for putting sponsor's banners and ads on my blog. That was oh-kay but not consistent or dependable by any stretch of the imagination.
Winston Church Hill

"However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally look at the results"
-Winston Churchill

So after about 12 — 18 months of hard work and trial & error, I combined all the various methods together and ended up making around $3 — 5,000 per month.

That $3-5k made me feel a little better about my endless efforts, and in fact that's about where a lot of people want to be with their Internet businesses.

But in reality, I wish I hadn't gone through that whole ordeal for such little reward. In fact, I wish you will be smarter than I was and take the opportunity to skip this whole 'peddling-for-peanuts' game!

Because, I quickly realized this was only the tip of the iceberg...

What I Did Next Finally Opened My Eyes...
To The Untapped Potential Just Waiting For You And Me!

This is where, as they say, the plot thickens...

ONE simple change I made was responsible for increasing my income beyond a mere yearly salary of about $30 — 50,000 to pushing well past six figures. That means $100,000 and well beyond!

This was clearly a whole new ball game... because...

Over the next 12 months I earned $150,000 and then $250,000 the year after.

That's right — a roughly 10-fold increase on top of what I was already earning!

All Because Of One Big Change
To What I Was Already Doing Online!

"Come on Yaro..." I hear you ask:

"What was it? What SINGLE change could possibly cause a TEN-fold increase in your Internet income?!"

I agree, it sounds preposterous but it's all true and I'll prove it to you.

Before I reveal that one all-important change, let me tell you something important I want you to burn into your mind. Before you proceed with ANYTHING.

Because the truth is, I too took my sweet time getting to grips with this simple fact...

Every Expert I Talked To Repeated The Same Thing:
If I Really Wanted To Succeed BIG TIME Online
I HAD To Release My Own Product

They're ALL saying it: Experts, Gurus, Boffins, call them what you will... but one thing they all have in common: they're hugely successful from selling their own products

You can only get so far marketing other people's products. To make the quantum leap you want and deserve in your income you really have to release your own.

Here's what releasing your own product means to you:

Finally — Get Complete Control Over Your Income

When you sell your own product you get to control your own income stream and the way you market becomes much more streamlined. You know your customers and they know you so you can focus on delivering the content they want, which in turn, leads to word-of-mouth publicity.

Recruit Your Very Own Private Marketing Army

If you've ever been an affiliate selling someone else's products, you only had your list or customer base to market to. When affiliates are promoting YOUR product, you are reaching all THEIR lists as well. You could have hundreds, even thousands of affiliates all marketing your product to their lists and customer bases simultaneously!

However, I realize you may have heard all this before...

So What Else Is New, Right?

I know what you're thinking: this is common knowledge.

Now I too knew this all too well, believed it was true — for some reason I just hadn't broken out of my comfort zone and actually done it. It felt much safer to keep doing what I was doing with my blog, enjoying the success I had and making 'okay money'.

Finally I did decide to release an ebook. I drafted plans for it, even started to write it ... and then... a big fat nothing. I spent about 6 months tossing it around, sweating over it, but never published it.

If you've been around long enough, you've probably had a similar experience. It just seemed so much work for such unsure (and small) one-time reward.

In the midst of my despair, I was about to be shown The Way...

Suddenly, The Defining Moment Creeps Up On Me -
I Find Myself Joining Someone Else's
Successful Membership Site

The site owner was Rich Schefren and he had a coaching program that really appealed to me.

Now, the program was hardly cheap at $450.00 a month for 12 months. That was my biggest hesitation.

Did I really want to spend 10% of my income on one course? After a lot of deliberation which included communicating with Rich directly about it, I bit the bullet and signed up.

Although it was a really great program and well worth the investment, the most powerful lesson for me was watching:

  • How Rich actually delivered his membership site (technically and otherwise)

  • What kind of content and service he provided for his members

  • How exactly he structured his site for extreme results.

Experiencing Rich's membership site first-hand, it finally hit me:

It wouldn't be nearly as difficult or complicated as I thought to release my own!

So, I quickly scrapped the ebook idea and immediately threw myself into creating my first membership site.

Honestly, it was high time to start doing what the big guns were ALL doing...

In Short Order Blog Mastermind Was Born
And Instantly Became A Roaring Success!
(Now it's undeniable: no sense 'trying' anything else)

Blog Mastermind pulled in $15,000 in its first week -
The biggest paycheck I'd ever seen at that point

And the best part is, the same amount of money kept coming in month after month after month... as my new members paid their renewal fees.

There really isn't a better feeling than watching payments come in at the start of each month, without doing any additional selling!

All I had to do for that money to appear each month, was answer some questions customers had and just see that The System keeps functioning.

Now, about those payments...

Look — Take a Good Look At These And
Tell Me You Don't Want The Same:

Reproducible proof that my membership model delivers, and delivers BIG!

Big Stats Year Stats Click Bank 1 Click Bank 2

After six months running, I decided to close down the membership site to new members, as I was about to make some behind-the-scenes technical changes.

I held a closing down promotion, which generated 150 new members and produced $10,000 in sales and $50,000 in monthly membership fees!

This cemented what I already suspected after the initial launch...

No Doubt About It — I Felt Like I Was Printing Money!

All I had to do was promote my membership site
again and I would get more sales coming in!

This was another MAJOR eye-opener for me — now there was truly no turning back.

I've since gone on to re-open Blog Mastermind and launch a second membership site with a partner: Become a Blogger Premium.

This second membership site attracted 700 paying members and another $20,000 per month in recurring income. (I've since added a couple hundred more to the member tally.)

The income from Blog Mastermind has now topped over $200,000 a year and Become a Blogger Premium is continuing to generate $20,000 per month!

And now, it was beyond any doubt that I was on to something BIG...

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After These Results, I KNOW I Have The Optimum Structure And Process For Launching A Successful Membership Site.

... Here's one of the reasons why my membership system is so different:

The Invincible 80 — 20
Rule For Membership Sites
(The Pareto Principle)

Now, if you know even a little bit about me you'll know I'm a huge fan of the 80 — 20 rule (i.e.: get maximum output from minimum input).

One thing I learned from seeing how other membership sites work is that people believe creating a membership site is more complicated than it really is.


And it's this utter simplicity that makes my system work so well. I've deliberately set up my system in a way that is irresistibly EASY to put together.

Simple To Use Technology:

  • A WordPress blog to host password protected content (free software and no special membership plug-ins required)

  • An email distribution system to automatically send out content (such as Aweber or 1ShoppingCart)

That's literally ALL I use to run my membership sites!

However, I know you're wondering how this helps you...

The Best Thing About This New
Membership System Is —
Now You Can Do It Too!

You can call it LUCK. You can call it a FLUKE. You can even call it GENIUS.
But the Truth is... This is NONE of those things.

It's a SYSTEM I'm About to Teach To
A Select Few Who Can SEE Its Raw Earning Power.
Are YOU one of them?

Launching membership sites has been hugely successful for me and far outweighs anything else I've ever done on the Internet. So hear me out on this:

I truly believe that if you're even thinking about releasing your own product, you shouldn't even consider anything but this membership site model. IF you've wasted enough time and money either going nowhere or 'doing okay'.

Now, you will have some work to do but, you know what? You'll be working at what you want to-what inspires you! I put in bucket-loads of work to release my membership sites and it truly was the most satisfying work I've ever done — online or offline.

"It's wonderful to deliver value to an audience
that loves what you provide for them!"

Think about it for a moment: You actually get paid for helping other people by sharing your passion and experience!

For me, working this way is like a dream come true and I really want to help other people experience it as well.

That's why this program is being released: I know how it feels to be where you are now, and I know how to push you over the edge to where you WANT to be.

And here's a word of warning to you my friend...

"Do NOT make the same mistakes I did, taking so long to realize I could actually launch a successful membership site and make much better money doing something I really enjoy!"

But right now, let me ask you something even more important...

Let Me Ask You This:
What Are You Doing Right Now
To Make BIG Money On the Internet?

I know... but don't feel bad about it. I'll explain to you why that is.

The problem with so many online business models is that they simply don't deliver consistent, dependable results. Like me with my blog-I made small trickles here and there but nothing really 'life-changing' until I launched my first membership site.

And that's what I want for you: to help you make Life Changing Money!

The Colosseum

Here I am at the Roman Colosseum playing tourist...
All the while my memberships keep making me more travel money!

Of course, I'm not telling you about my international escapades to brag or to pose.

No. It's because my 'lukewarm results' days are still painfully close, and I want you to understand your freedom could be equally close!

Next, I'm going to explain to you exactly why and how this is possible...

Here's My Challenge To You — Show Me Another Business Model That Repeatedly And Provably Does This:

  1. Generates Life Changing Income (more money, complete security and less work to do)
  2. Guides you to focus on one thing only, get really good at it and service your members (instead of going from product to product, niche to niche.. and keep getting lukewarm results)
  3. Relieves you from having to continuously chase traffic because once the members are there ... well... they're there!

    And here's just one twist that lifts my membership model a cut above the rest:


YOU are in the enviable position of getting the maximum value out of this program.

Although having a blog is NOT necessary for releasing a membership site, it gives you many specific advantages, pushing your chances of success well beyond others'.

My blog is THE major marketing tool I've used to successfully launch my membership sites and in this course I'll go into great detail about how I do that.

I'll show you specific tactics you can use to leverage your blog and attract members into your membership site. Turn all those readers into paying members, for life!

Your outcome will be, a smooth ride to Life Changing Income you'll NEVER forget while you live! (And those long and lonely nights writing away for little reward will be but a distant memory.)

It's Really Not Open For Discussion:
What You're About to Discover
Is — By Far — The Best Business Model
Ever Conceived Online!

Here's Why The Membership Site
Business Model Makes Such Good Sense
Over Everything Else You Could Do

  • It's Unlimited: If it's a digital product-you can take on as many members as you like without increasing the cost to you in time or money.

  • It's Consistent: The income from a membership site is recursive-the members pay the same exact fee month after month after month. This is unlike 'one-off' products such as ebooks that may for a while sell like hot cakes but then sales dwindle leading to diminished or altogether stopped income.

  • It's Stable: You can be confident that the income will continue. This was a BIG thing for me as it enabled me to make BIG decisions like hiring people, buying educational products for self-improvement and paying for marketing. These are just a few of the business decisions I was able to make with a stable cash flow. Let's not forget the non-business things like paying the mortgage or even buying a home outright, which I was fortunate enough to do.

  • It's 'Hands-off' Business (This Is super-cool!): A membership site gives you the freedom to run your business without actually 'being there'. Once you've done the bit of work it takes to get the membership site up and running, you can automate most of it so that it pretty much runs itself.

But you've heard enough of me now, I'll let these regular people do the talking...

Here's What Some Of My Students and Colleagues Online Are Saying About My System And What I Am Like As A Teacher...

Maria Andros

I have respected Yaro Starak's work for quite some time.

I first heard of Yaro as being one of Rich Schefren's success stories.

Yaro and I got to know each other on twitter recently and he became a partner in my SMTB launch.

I would highly recommend Yaro as one of the top experts at Internet marketing. He is committed to providing value to his students and I know that anyone that works with Yaro or studies his programs will greatly benefit from his formulas.

If you are looking to start a blog or membership site I recommend Yaro Starak and his programs.

Maria Andros
"Video Marketing Queen" &
Creator of the Social Media Traffic Blueprint

John Chow

Yaro Cares About Other People's Success

The thing that makes Yaro stand out is not that he makes a lot of money from his blog. What makes him different is his willingly to help those starting out. I've been with Yaro on a few networking events where we meet his readers face to face. It doesn't matter what questions were or how stupid they seem, Yaro treated everyone with equal respect and took a real interest in their success.

John Chow

Raymond Burton

I only wish I had run into Yaro and his programs 5 years ago

Having a game plan to online success, laid out right in front of you is more than a great service. It's a gift to living the kind of lifestyle you want if you are just willing to follow the plan. I wake up now anxious to see how many payments went into my paypal account while I was asleep.

Blog Mastermind gets you started and by all means you can stop there, but if you want to play with the big dogs, you want membership site money flowing into your bank account each month.

Raymond Burton
Alberta, Canada
Membership Site:

Chris Bibey

The information about prelaunch is priceless

Upon starting my freelance writing course/membership site I did not have much guidance. Fortunately, I connected with Yaro and his Membership Site Mastermind course shortly thereafter. Soon enough, I was on the right path thanks to detailed material as well as plenty of guidance along the way.

I picked up many tips from the Membership Site Mastermind course, but the most beneficial was the information on setting up a proper pre-launch.

If you are interested in starting your own membership site, you can learn a lot about the process from Yaro and his Membership Site Mastermind course!

Chris Bibey
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Mwangi Njanja

That's how influenced I have been by your work...

The most interesting thing about your advice is it doesn't just apply to membership sites. My Podcasting Tutor was based around selling a single one-off info product, but a lot of the ideas regarding payment processor, content management, promotion etc etc were based entirely around the ideas in Membership Site Mastermind.

In fact when paying customers log into My Podcasting Tutor, I am sure they are surprised by just how similar it looks to the Membership Site Mastermind site. That's how influenced I have been by your work, even my site aesthetics are in part defined by your teachings.

Hands down my first and favourite guru online: Yaro Starak. If you won't buy from him, don't buy from anyone really :)

Mwangi Njanja
Melbourne, Australia

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The Powerful Benefits of Launching
Your Very Own Membership Site
(Within The Next Six Weeks)

There's something very powerful about having a group of people who are paying money to you for something you provide yourself. And the really great thing is that you actually start to care about their outcomes.

Imagine, waking up every morning excited about your work! In fact it doesn't feel like work at all because you love what you do. You're genuinely motivated to create the best site for your members! This leads to more members joining as they too sense the value in what you deliver.

Word spreads about your membership site through referrals and recommendations and before you know it, you're the go-to guy or gal for your particular sphere of expertise.

In a Nutshell, This Is What Membership Sites Do

  1. Deliver great content
    (Happy Customers, happy you)
  2. Make great money
    ...and make it repeatedly
  3. Satisfy a large number of people
    (you can track how they're doing so they'll stay with you — and keep paying you!)
    That's about it. What more complicated or technical does anyone need in a business?
    Even so, I have even more to tell you ...

One Exceptional Aspect Of This Membership
Site Model: You Can Structure It So
It Doesn't Cost Your Customers Much At All!

And that means it's going to be super-easy to sell! Here's what I mean:

For instance, the Become a Blogger membership for people who joined during the launch week are paying just $27.00 per month. That's not exactly 'breaking the bank' and the members are very happy with what we're delivering to them for that price.

From our end, we had 700 members join in that first week which means the small fees those members are paying is adding up to a very good return for us.

It's undeniable: memberships like this are a WIN-WIN all round!

Another great thing about a membership site is that you only need to create the content once and then you can keep marketing it over and over again.

I Don't Know About Diamonds -
But This I Know For A Fact:
Memberships Are Forever!

In other words: create a membership once, and it will feed you income forever, for very little work at all.

That's why I was able to take that 8-month vacation last year, and just monitor my site and see that it was chugging along without a hitch.

Yaro in Vouliagmeni Beach, Athens

Here I am enjoying the morning sun on a beach near Athens in Greece...
(I conducted an entire membership site launch from this apartment)

But now it's time I told you what you'll be getting with me...

"So What Do You Get When You Enroll
In My Membership Site Mastermind Course?"

Lean in closer and follow along, I'll show you everything.

Membership Site Mastermind is a comprehensive six-week course with one module per week, each including:

  • 2 hours of video presentation broken into four 30-minute sections, available as streaming media from the Internet or as downloadable files for viewing on your computer or portable device (video iPod option available for all videos)

  • Transcripts of all the modules (for those who prefer to read the information rather than watch the video)

  • MP3 audio files so you can listen in the car or while commuting

  • Task sheets for each module outlining specific activities to undertake before you move on to the next module.

Now, let's get into some detail about what's in your package...

See All That You'll Get Your Hands On:

Module 1: Topic Selection and Preeminence

MSM Module 1:
Topic Selection and Preeminence

So you want to create a membership site but aren't sure what to cover. This module will show you how to pick the topic that's just right for you and how to position your membership site as the superior choice.

You'll discover:

  • How to do market research right to narrow down your topic choices

  • How to establish the tools you need to collect prospects

  • The prime keys to establishing relationships with your prospects

  • Strategies to demonstrate your preeminence in the marketplace

Module 2: Traffic Generation

MSM Module 2:
Traffic Generation

Traffic is the lifeblood of your membership site. After all, how can you convince people to sign up if you're not consistently 'in front' of them? This module shows you how to get your site seen and, more importantly, noticed!

You'll discover:

  • How to drive traffic to your site in all of the critical phases, from pre-launch to launch and post-launch.

  • How to choose the right kind of domain name

  • How to capture leads using an opt-in page

  • What to consider when choosing a launch date

  • How using email list segmentation can automate your communication with your lists

  • How to approach possible Joint Venture partners and affiliates so they'll accept your offer

Module 3: Human Resources and Technology

MSM Module 3:
Human Resources and Technology

Whether you want to admit it or not, you are going to need some help to make the most of your time when creating your membership site. This section will tell you what you need to know, to get a team working for you smoothly.

You'll discover:

  • The people I used to build my memberships and roles they performed

  • How I hired these bright people — for the right price

  • How to find the right person for right the job

  • The types of technology components I use and what many of my students use (it's not as complicated as you'd think)

  • What you need to process your monthly member payments

  • Tips and tools to help manage your affiliates and keep them promoting

Module 4: Content and Pricing

MSM Module 4:
Content and Pricing

Creating content and deciding how much to charge for it can both be pretty daunting issues. This module sets out the nuts and bolts of what you need in order to launch and how to formulate a price that works for your individual circumstances.

You'll discover:

  • How much content you need to create prior to launch (don't panic-it's not as much as you may think)

  • Different types of media you can use for your content like text, video and audio, and when to use each of them

  • How to decide what price structure is best for you (and your customers)

  • The pros and cons of different structures and what I used myself

  • How to choose the payment processor that's right for you, what I did to research different payment processors and which one I eventually chose.

Module 5: The Launch Process

MSM Module 5:
The Launch Process

This is the business end — and the most exciting part — of this course. This is where you see all your hard work paying off AS LONG AS YOU DO IT RIGHT (don't worry I'll explain everything)!

You'll discover:

  • How to prepare your sales page for the launch so it'll perform maximally

  • Resources to use to get your sales page popping

  • Why giving away great content is actually great for your business

  • How to use social networking sites to get the word out

  • How to track responses to your campaigns

  • Alternative launch types — and which one to use for each occasion

  • What to do if your launch goes ‘pear-shaped’ (I'll explain what this hazardous situation means and how to get out of it clean)

Module 6: Post Launch

MSM Module 6:
Post Launch

Now that you're up and running, this module will help you stay on track and keep momentum going with your site. And of course, to keep the profits rolling in each and every month ever since...

You'll discover:

  • How to manage your Customer Support easily and effectively

  • Strategies to keep in close communication with your customers

  • How to isolate any problems so that your attrition rate stays below your new member sign up rate (and so keeps your income steady)

  • How to test your systems and marketing to make sure they're giving you the best ROI (Return on Investment)

  • How doing promotions with Joint Venture partners after launch can open up new avenues to gain new members

  • How your membership site can be worth a goldmine (up to $1 million dollars or even more) if you want to sell it (this is a VERY rarely talked about topic and well worth the admission just by itself!)

  • And much, MUCH MORE!

But that's not even all — I'll throw in even more to give you maximum value...

6 Modules Packed With
War-Story Level Detail —
PLUS 5 Unique Bonuses To Go With It
(all designed to take out guesswork)

Bonus 1: Bonus Video Series On How I Set Up The Different Aspects Of My Membership Sites.

My good friend and video training expert Gideon Shalwick will take you behind the scenes in a step-by-step walk through of how we set up our membership sites, showing you the insider secrets of our system using clear and direct video presentations.

We will show you how we -

  1. Set up our email system Aweber to deliver content to members in an ordered sequence
  2. How we integrate Clickbank and Paypal to take payments
  3. How we set up a password protected WordPress site as a member resources area (no special plugins required)
  4. What software and set-up we use for our private members forum
  5. The system we use for teleconferences, including how to run live question and answer sessions with members
    ...and loads more.

If technology is confusing you, then you will love this bonus!

Bonus 2: Interviews with 5 prominent experts, each with a unique way to achieve success with membership sites (save your time and just copy what they did!)

  • You'll hear Marc Lindsay's true story of how he created and launched his profitable membership site within just 3 weeks! This gives you very revealing insights into how you can put your launch plans truly into overdrive.

  • Daryl Grant shows you how to create e-lessons and also talks about structuring your membership site — the 8 criteria for a successful membership. Plus you'll learn exactly how they made $250,000 in their first year with their first ever membership site!

  • Tony Clark of helps you choose the right technology for your type of membership site.

  • West Loh shows you how you can fully outsource the content creation for your membership site.

  • Gideon Shalwick will enumerate proven ways to motivate your affiliates to promote your membership site again and again (perpetually growing your monthly intake even after launch).

Bonus 3: 5 custom-designed blog templates, optimized for Membership Site Mastermind members

Each of these templates is a highly optimized WordPress theme that you can apply immediately to your own blog or, if you don't have a blog, just create one from scratch.

Now, although having a blog isn't necessary to launch a successful membership site, it sure does help. Particularly as these themes also come with built in opt-in boxes for you to collect email addresses and immediately start building your list!

Bonus 4: Swipe file of launch emails — this is BIG!

This is SO big I can hardly believe that I'm actually giving it away as a bonus!

What you get is a PDF document containing the exact 35 emails that I used in the Pre-launch and Launch phases of my Blog Mastermind coaching program in 2007. This includes:

  1. A copy of each email and,
  2. A strategic analysis of the psychology behind why I sent that email and what its purpose was.

96 PAGES OF INVALUABLE (and extremely rare) INFORMATION!

Basically, I'm giving you WHAT I sent, WHY I sent it and HOW it worked.

In short: you get to COPY & PASTE what was successful for me — and simply modify it for your membership!

If you don't like writing so much... this just takes all the pain away for you (and the time you'd otherwise waste in agonizing over what to write, would it work, etc.).

Bonus 5: Members Only Forum

This is my private secret-sharing forum that ONLY paying members have access to. All the people in the forum are working towards similar goals and fully committed to what they are doing.

This forum is already a well-established community with over 2,000 active members. It's a great resource for meeting people you can work with, finding joint venture partners and getting help with any aspect of your membership site.

You'll also have access to mentors (including myself) on a forum where you can ask questions directly from just us.

Bonus 6: Live Group Coaching Calls

Each month you have the opportunity to join a live group coaching phone call where you can speak directly to me and ask any questions.

You can participate in these calls even after you have completed the course, so if you want long-term coaching support, as long as you complete your payments for this program, you can keep accessing the calls even months later when you really need the help.

If you want personal contact with me, this is the bonus you should be very excited to hear about. I can't wait to answer your questions and meet you live on the first call.

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Have A Question On Your Mind?

Zoom Through These Top 11 Questions About Memberships Site Mastermind To Find The Answer

What if I don't have a topic in mind?

You shouldn't be afraid to join this program if you don't have a topic.

Module One covers topic selection in depth: How to go about choosing one that suits you best, and know that it will be successful when it comes time to put it out there.

I also provide you with a THREE-HOUR long coaching call recording where we talk about every little detail about how to choose a topic and answer questions from students. This is in-depth stuff to help you get clarity of what you should personally focus on.

But I'm not an expert — how am I really going to do this?

First off, don't worry — everyone thinks this at first (even I did). We'll see if that actually holds true.

But if you find you don't want to be the expert, you can go and find an expert to collaborate with (maybe you'll even find one in the 2000+ strong member forum!).

Membership Site Mastermind will give you the knowledge and skills you need get your membership site up and running. You can then go on to use these skills in a more 'behind the scenes' role while your established expert provides the pre-eminence factor.

What if you're 'technologically challenged'?

Not a tech person? No problem! Neither am I.

That's why I'm a huge fan of outsourcing. In fact, even if you are a tech person, you should be outsourcing as much as you can to free up your time.

In Module Three I show you exactly how to go about outsourcing your technology development and who to outsource to (and how to handle paying them).

How do you get the traffic necessary to get members?

Module Two covers traffic building extensively, even if you don't have an email list or blog or other access to traffic yet.

The course will go over many specific options for getting the traffic you need to launch and grow your membership.

There's a stack of information out there on the Internet — why should I listen to you?

I've been working online for around 10 years now and have run 5 different businesses in that time.

My biggest successes have come through launching membership sites. I've launched, closed down and relaunched and created new membership sites, all with great success. Both of my current membership sites have generated in excess of six figures each over two years.

Basically, I've tested and proven my formula for membership sites to be successful at least four times so I know it works, and works consistently. In my experience, it's as close as you can get to a sure thing, as long as you don't 'get creative' and just follow the formula.

And while there is a stack of information out there on the Internet, much of it free, how long do you really want to spend researching the most useful data for you? And how do you know what to trust? It could take months to sift through information that may not only be outdated but also by unproven sources.

I'm giving you the 'express route' to a successful membership site based on a proven, simple system.

Many people are experimenting with memberships right now, and many of them selling their information out there.

But if you want a system that is tested and proven several times over, over several years, why even look anywhere else?

Is this program only for beginners?

Membership Site Mastermind is for beginners, as well as anyone who has previously launched their own product or membership site but hasn't achieved the results or success they wanted.

The information in the course has tips and tools aimed at different levels of experience, but the designed outcome is the same: creating a new membership with a bottom line $100,000 income projected.

I already have a membership site. Will this program help me make it better?

To put it simply : absolutely and definitely!

If your membership site's not working the way you want it to but the framework is already there, you can follow this program and relaunch with much greater success.

PLUS, if you already have a product or blog, you can also use that to turn it into recurring income with a membership site. You can only win here, really.

How hard do I have to work?

The weekly modules are just 2 hours long and the activities will probably take an hour to read through.

The trick is to do just a little bit each day (and not drain yourself out) — I realize you'll still need to live your normal life while you go through the course.

If you can set aside just two hours a day you will definitely make good progress with this course and won't have a thing to worry about.

How much can I potentially earn?

Honestly? The sky's the limit really, and I'm not known for kidding around.

If you want to set a target of 100 members minimum at a base amount, you can easily earn yourself a six-figure yearly income. If you want to become a millionaire, aim to attract 1,000 members or more - it really is that simple! (Just don't expect 1,000 members overnight, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.)

As you've seen from my results, I did over six figures the first time out, and other people have made several hundred thousand after their first launch. Just take a target number, go with that, and I have every reason to expect you'll hit it.

Why should I choose your program over other 'make money online' or membership site training programs?

  • If you've seen my work so far and it resonates with you, and you want to learn from someone who's been through the process several times now, and has a simpler system for doing it successfully then you'll know this is different to all the other programs.

  • If you want someone teaching you who's down to earth and doesn't just focus on the money, you'll see the difference. Don't get me wrong, the money aspect is important but I also cover things like satisfaction with your work, how running a membership site is a way of self-expression and a way to share your passion and motivation for a subject.

  • You may have read the Membership Site Master Plan by now. If you liked what was in that extensive report, you'll LOVE the content of Membership Site Mastermind. More of the same, in greater detail, with tools and resources attached!

Are there any other hidden costs involved with the program?

The program fee covers the entire Membership Mastermind program. However, to build your membership site there will naturally be other costs involved such as:

  • Domain and web hosting fees

  • Buying membership scripts

  • Email autoresponder service

  • Shopping cart and merchant fees

  • Outsourcing to technical people if you need their help

  • Outsourcing to customer service people so you can free up your time

and not deal with your helpdesk.

Although it is quite possible to keep your costs as low as $50 a month, a truly successful membership site isn't one that you do everything for. I therefore suggest you have around $200 a month minimum available to pay for additional costs to keep your site running, once you've launched it.

Having said that, the membership model I teach and use myself, is designed to keep overhead costs at an absolute minimum. If you want to do something more grand with your site, it's up to you, but my model's results are built on its simplicity.

"Okay Yaro, It All Sounds Great But Honestly —
How Much Is All This Going to Cost Me?"

You know, I know for a FACT all the business benefits and personal perks a successful membership site can bring you.

Therefore, I want to make it as easy as possible for you to do the same — and get the same exact results as I did — or even better!

So — to accommodate your personal circumstances, I'm offering you two easy payment options.

See which option suits your situation the best and go with that:

Option 1:

For just one payment of $297 USD (save $91) you receive full access to Membership Site Mastermind, which includes immediate access to all the modules, plus all the members-only resources, the online community, live coaching calls, interviews with experts, blog templates and more.

Option 2:

Pay just $97 to start your class of Membership Site Mastermind today and you receive immediate access to the members-only resources, online community and modules plus ongoing access to the other materials. You will be charged $97 a month for a total of four payments of $97 ($388 USD over four months).

In the end, it comes down to this:

Would you be willing to invest just a few weeks of your life... to start making $10,000 per month, every month... sound like a fair deal to you?

I'll make you a deal, instead of watching TV each night, study my course and work with me to actually move yourself closer to your dream goals of real lifestlye freedom, instead of wasting away your time on mindless "entertainment".


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No Worries 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

My One-Time,
'No Worries', 60 Day Money Back Guarantee To You!

We Australians are mostly a laid-back folk.

But that doesn't mean we don't mean business when we're out to deliver.

After you join Membership Site Mastermind, my goal is that you know for a FACT you received true, massive, profit-creating value.

If, however, for any reason you don't feel Membership Site Mastermind is right for you, just let me know immediately and I'll issue a refund straight away.

You really have nothing to lose here but SO much to gain. I know my system works because I've proven it with at least 4 membership site launches already. Just follow these steps I've lined up for you and you'll get the results you're after.

That's why I'm so confident I'll offer you a
(no silly requirements to prove you did your best, or any copout like that)

I don't want you in my program if you don't get value - that just doesn't make good business sense - so if my program doesn't satisfy you, I don't want your money.

So give it a go — at no risk whatsoever left to you — and join Membership Site Mastermind now.

So right now my friend, you're facing a choice...

  • Will you keep trying different things for years, as I did... for small results at best?

  • Will you take your chances piecing together information from all over the Internet, and hope your efforts will yield results?

  • Or will you take the tested and proven model I have perfected, and create a six-figure membership right out of the gate?

It's up to you now.

I want to see you inside and guide you to your personal membership goldmine!

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Here's what will happen after you click to join:

  • After you click to purchase you'll be taken to our payment processor Clickbank, where you'll be asked to make your payment.

  • Once you've made the payment, you'll be asked to fill out a simple Registration Form to officially register as a course participant.

  • You'll then receive a confirmation email that you need to respond to so that your registration will be activated.

  • Finally, you'll receive your Welcome Pack via email containing all your resources so you can get started right away.

And then you're set to go, ready to start right away!

Let's Browse Through Everything You'll Receive When You Join Membership Site Mastermind:

A comprehensive six-week course covering:

  • Topic Selection and Preeminence

  • Traffic Generation

  • Human Resources and Technology

  • Content and Pricing

  • The Launch Process

  • Post Launch Activities

Each weekly module has 2 hours of video presentations with transcripts, mp3 audio files and task sheets.

Bonus 1: Bonus Video Series On How I Set Up The Different Aspects Of My Membership Sites.

Bonus 2: Audio interviews with 5 prominent membership experts

Bonus 3: 5 custom-designed blog templates, optimized for Membership Site Mastermind members

Bonus 4: An email 'swipe file' of every email I sent out during each phase of my Blog Mastermind coaching program for you to adapt and use

Bonus 5: Private Members Only forum with direct access to me and your other mentors

Bonus 6: Group Coaching Calls, again with direct access to me

So my friend, I have only one last thing to say...

"Give Me 6 Short Weeks,
And I'll Reveal To You How To
Produce Automatic Income Online
Using the Best Internet Business Model Available To You Today

If you're ready to start making real money online, real life-changing money, launching your own membership site is THE best business model to adopt. Don't settle for the 'just okay' when you can achieve so much more.

Now, I know this is a lo-o-o-o-ong letter but if you're still reading it then you're obviously motivated to do what it takes to be successful online.

Remember my story? If you don't, go back and read it again (hey, you've come this far) and see what a difference launching a membership site has made for my income and lifestyle.

I really am living proof that what I teach works. So please don't wait, sign up now.

I can't wait to celebrate Your Membership Success!

Yaro Starak

Yaro Starak

Your Partner In Membership Profits

PS - So you skipped the whole letter and came straight here, did you? If you did, that's okay. To make this easy for you, I'll just give you six pretty darn good reasons to sign up right now:

Generate consistent, dependable income (be the one person in your circles who does NOT have to worry about the future; losing a job, losing a house, losing credit, etc.)

The ultimate simplicity in memberships; anyone willing to build an email list can do this (even includes custom blog templates and a 96-page email swipe file!)

This is a SHOW-ME course. You will see with your own eyes how a repeat-profit perpetual motion machine gets set up (and then just mimic the steps at home).

If you're already a blogger, you have it MADE. This course is especially easy if you've ever blogged in your life because it builds on blogging (includes my 'war story' details on how to get traffic and members using your blog)

NOT only for experts — if you have never created a product before, you're perfect for this course (the big secret is in setting everything up just right, everything else you can outsource)

How to make as much as $1 million by selling your membership site — IF you ever decide to quit your membership cash cow (either way you win, but having the option to exit as a millionaire is just very cool!)

Want to leave 'trying to make enough money online' behind, and take this tried and tested business model and run with it... all the way to the bank.

Here's your chance to do just that! Join Membership Site Mastermind now and get started right away.

PPS - It's just like the boys from the TV series Entourage say: 'A Lifestyle is a Terrible Thing to Waste'. I'm here to tell you it's time to stop fiddling around, stop living through your computer, and create Life Changing Income!

As soon as six weeks from today, you can look back and say to yourself (from a beach of your liking): 'Thank Goodness I chose to join Yaro's program and used the world's best business model to create a lifestyle based on freedom!'.

At that point, you've proved to yourself and everyone else that even a rookie can earn $100,000 in their first year online! Do you want be that person

PPPS — Achieving success with my membership business model requires no superpowers. Regular people just like you have quietly had outstanding success with it. But once you taste the freedom that having a $10,000+ per month income affords you, you might just feel like it!

I won the Canadian Open tennis tournament

After launching a membership site and touring the world for 8 months...
Did I actually gain superpowers and win a pro tennis tournament?
The only way to find out is to join Membership Site Mastermind :-)

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